How to estimate the recording duration of an L Series NVR

The L Series NVR’s have the ability to provide an estimate total record time for the amount of camera’s connected and their current settings.

To view the estimate record time from the local monitor output of the NVR, click the ‘Cog’ icon in the top left hand side of the NVR’s live display and this will take you in to the NVR’s main menu.

Once in the main menu select ‘Record’ from the menu bar on the left and then ‘Advance’ from the menu bar across the top of the screen.

In the ‘Advance’ menu you will see ‘Estimate Record Time’.

The results will be shown in a pop up window.


To access this information from a web browser, simply select record from the menu bar on the left hand side of the web browse screen.

Select Advance from the top menu and then ‘Estimate Record Time’, as with the other method the information will be displayed.

***Additional Note***

Please note this is only an estimate and should not be used as a guaranteed recording time.

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