LILIN Viewer is not populating the Alarm section of the App with alarm information from an NVR L Series

If you are using LILIN Viewer with motion detection and are not getting any Push Alarm Notifications or any information populating under the ‘Alarm’ section of the app when connecting the App to a LILIN L Series NVR.

  • Please ensure you NVR is using the latest firmware

  • Follow the information on the link below to ensure your NVR is configured correctly to allow push notifications.

How to enable push notifications for LILIN Viewer when connected to an L Series NVR


Enabling the push notifications will then allow the 'Alarm' section of the LILIN Viewer to start populating when alarms are triggered on the NVR. This will allow easy access to recorded alarm events by pressing the arrow on the alarm events shown in the log.


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