Add a Control4 DS2 door station to a LILIN NVR

Please note that this is process is not supported on the NVR Touch Series (NVR104, NVR109 or NVR116)

If you wish to use a Control4 DS2 door station with a LILIN NVR you will need to do the following from the NVR's camera menu.

  • Ensure the 'Camera Source' option is set to 'IP Camera'.

  • You will then need to use the ‘Assign RTSP URI' feature of the NVR and enter the following URI.


  • Set the Username and Password to:

UN: admin

PW: t0talc0ntr0l4!


  • Set the stream type to ‘Single Stream HD’


Once these setting have been applied the Control4 DS2 door station should display and be recorded by your LILIN NVR.



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