Adding AI Cameras to an NVR

This Guide highlights how to add LILIN AI cameras to a compatible LILIN NVR


It presumes that the camera has already been added as a channel on the NVR and the general configuration for the AI plugin has been completed.


  1. On your NVR enter the META DATA menu and choose your channel. Next select Camera Detection


Select your camera event from the dropdown menu.

Tick the categories that you want the NVR to detect (this must match your AI Licence and the ones you have selected on your AI plugin).


2. Enter Alarm menu on your NVR & turn your chosen channel to IP camera in the Alarm Input Type




The NVR will now receive Metadata Alarms from the AI camera.

You can now choose how the NVR reacts to these alarms, including alarm pop-ups & push notifications.



Advanced Options

Below are some other features the NVR and AI Plugin offer.


Display Object Box

In the METADATA menu of the NVR there is an option to display an Object Box for each individual channel. This has three options.


  • Off
  • Object Box
  • Detection Zone

Off = No object boxes or Detection zones will be displayed

Object Box
= When an object/classification enters the alarm zone it will appear onscreen with a box around it



Detection Zone = The detection zone set up on the AI plugin shows on the NVR


These flash red when an object enters.

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