Recommended Web Browser for the NVR L Series

The recommended web browsers for the NVR L Series using firmware version 1.1.58 and above are:

Internet Explorer 11


Google Chrome


The latest HTML5 firmware now supports video playback and backup support for browsers other than Internet Explorer. All features will still work with Internet Explorer 11.

It is recommended to update your NVR L Series to the new style HTML5 firmware (v1.1.56 and above) which will then allow Google Chrome to be used to access the NVR's via a web browser with full functionality.

The HMTL5 firmware for the NVR L Series is now recommended for all Apple Mac users as Google Chrome is a supported browser for the Apple Mac platforms which now enables Apple Mac users to playback and backup footage which historically has not been possible.


The only limitation when using Google Chrome is the NVR will only display a quad camera view on the camera display. The camera's shown in the quad display can be cycled through using the Quad display button.

If you use a browser that is not supported you may still get Live images but you may not get the playback function, the screenshot below is taken from Firefox, as you can see the playback option is no longer available.

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