D1 Series IP Camera Firmware

Below is a link to download the latest firmware for the:

D1 Series IP Camera Firmware


Firmware Download


Supported Device List

IPS025/IPS030/IPS035 - LILIN Fast Dome
MI025/030/035 - OEM model Fast Dome
IPS203/IPS212 - IR New Fast Dome
IPR158 - IR IP Camera
VS012 - Video Server
IPD552 - Mini IP Dome


If you are unsure which firmware file to download and apply to a device, do not continue. It is recommended to raise a technical support request and a LILIN support representative will be happy to advise on the correct firmware download and update process.


Raise a Technical Support Ticket


***Additional Note***

When updating a camera firmware, if you receive a message prompt advising that the firmware file name is incorrect, you are trying to use the wrong firmware file for the device.

Please do NOT rename and submit any firmware files because this will potentially render your device unusable and may need require the device to be returned to your local LILIN branch for recovery.

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