LILIN HD 1080p Static IP Camera OS 1.4.xx (Major Update)

LILIN have released a major firmware update for their HD 1080p iMEGAPRO and L Series camera range. The purpose of this update to merge the majority of LILIN HD 1080p iMEGAPRO and L Series fixed camera firmware's (not suitable for ALL LILIN 1080P camera's) into one download negating the need to know which camera series and model number you have when performing a firmware update.

All new firmware versions will be version 1.4.xx.

Below is a link to the firmware for:

LILIN HD IP Camera OS 1.4.36 and all subsequent release of firmware version v1.4.xx


Firmware Download


V1.4.xx Supported Device List

L Series
Z Series
Covert Series
Panoramic Series

Unsupported Devices

1080P PTZ (High Speed Domes) - The correct firmware for this device is available here
VS212 IP Encoder - The correct firmware for this device is available here
LILIN Door Station (IPC0522) - The correct firmware for this device is available here

For further information on OS 1.4 for LILIN HD camera's click here

A video outlining the full firmware update process can be found here

***Additional Notes***

If your LILIN HD 1080p camera is already using firmware version 1.4.36 or above, please download the latest firmware from one of the links above.

If your camera is running a firmware version starting:


You will need to update to version 1.4.36 before updating to any subsequent firmware versions starting 1.4.xx.

Links for updating your existing 1.x.xx firmware to firmware version 1.4.36 and above can be found here

Please also note it is not possible to backdate a firmware from 1.4.xx to 1.0.xx or 1.1.xx.


***Additional Note***

Unless you are 100% sure you are updating your device with the correct firmware, do not proceed with any updates. Please contact a member of the LILIN Technical Support team for assistance before proceeding.

To raise a technical enquiry, please click here.

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