LILIN IP camera firmware update process video from 1.0.xx & 1.1.xx to 1.4.36

Below is a short video showing the entire process of updating your LILIN IP camera to the new 1.4.xx series of firmware’s from an older series firmware. Please note this update process takes longer than usual and differs slightly from updating a camera with a firmware in the same series.

(This video assumes you are already familiar with the LILIN IP camera firmware update process and specifically shows how to update from version 1.0.xx & 1.1.xx to 1.4.36 and what the camera and web browser will do during the update process)


The video above shows the entire update process from start to finish when performing the major firmware update from firmware version 1.0.xx & 1.1.xx to 1.4.36, the process takes approximately 10 minutes in total. Please note the sequences in the video have been shortened but the process has not been edited in any way and should show exactly what you will experience on your device.

If you have already attempted the firmware update process and believe the update has failed in any way, please raise a Technical Support ticket by clicking here.



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