Is it possible to back date a LILIN IP camera firmware from 1.4.xx to 1.0.xx or 1.1.xx?

It is not possible to backdate a firmware from the new style 1.4.xx firmware to an older style 1.0.xx or 1.1.xx firmware.


However it is possible to backdate a firmware as long as it is in the same series E.G. a device using firmware version 1.4.54 can be backdated to 1.4.36. A device using 1.0.xx can be updated and backdated to any firmware in the 1.0.xx range, this also applies to the 1.1.xx firmware series.


If in a very rare case you require an IP camera firmware backdating to a previous series of firmware you will need to return your product to your local LILIN branch for backdating. This process can be started by raising a Technical Support ticket by clicking here

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