Support NVR Touch monitor (Firmware 1.0.42 and above)

Below is a list of supported touch screen monitors supported by the LILIN NVR touch using a firmware version of 1.0.42 and above.

iiyama ProLite T2252MTS

ViewSonic TD2340 NVR version 1.0.42

DELL S2240T NVR version 1.0.42

Acer T232HL, NVR version 1.0.38

Dell S2340T, NVR version 1.0.38

Planar PXL 2430MW, NVR version 1.0.38

ViewSonic TD2220, NVR version 1.0.38

HP L2206tm, NVR version 1.0.38

Acer T231H

Dell ST2220T

iiyama ProLite T2250MTS22


Please note LILIN recommend using the Iiyama Prolite T2250MTS with your NVR touch.

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