NVR Touch Firmware Version 1.0.48 #2399 Download and Release Notes

Click here to download NVR Touch firmware version 1.0.48 #2399 for NVR 104, NVR 109, NVR 116 & NVR 404C

Release Note for LILIN NVR104, NVR109, NVR116 & NVR 404C

Version 1.0.48, 2014/07/02, ActiveX version, BackupMan version, 2014/07/17

 Add NTP and DDNS event logs.
 Improve smooth video at ActiveX.
 Timebar is now reduced to one line for better system performance.
 Improve cool boot timing issue for NVR109.
 Add NVR and IP cameras time sync via NVR.
 Improve ONVIF protocol.
 Support S.M.A.R.T. protocol.
 Support S.M.A.R.T. for HDD failure sending email (Slovenia).
 Increase DDNS and NTP timeout to 10 seconds.
 Support video loss for 1~2 minutes, then send email notification.
 Improve system loading when operating touch.
 Improve playback smoothness for VD022 and CMX.
 Support hostname format based on Control4 requirement.
 Fix crash issue when copy AVI files to USB disk
 Avoid HDD in sleeping mode for slow HDD access.
 Add web site for visitors’ log.
 Support SDDP enable or disable option.
 Modify BackupManager for converting AVI with bigger OSD font.
 Support detecting existing IP address via web page.
 Fix mouse not working if ATEN KVM switch is used (LILIN Taiwan/LILIN AU).
 Microsoft wireless mouse (LILIN AU).
 Support VD022 to allow 9 channels of IP cameras.
 Support ActiveX for displaying camera name.
 Add digit output control on web interface (LILIN AU).
 The firmware is now ONVIF certified at http://www.onvif.org/FindaProduct/ProfileProducts.aspx.
 Support ActiveX for full HD digital zoom feature.
 Support VD022 import camera name from NVRs
 Support more virtual keyboard in various user interfaces.
 Add system notification dialog box.
 Support HDMI 720P resolution for Control4 monitor.
 Improve PTZ control speed.
 Add HDMI resolution setup page for Control4.
 Improve switching window division and reduce black window displaying time.
 Fix the issue of crash if changing HDMI resolution and perform digital zoom
 Support OSD color (LILIN AU).
 Support ONVIF digest authentication.
 Support H264 CIF stream for ONVIF IP cameras having only CIF stream.
 Modify DDNS update interval.
 Support DDNS to have customized global IP address for complex network environment (LILIN China).
 Support event notification for SmartPhone (LILIN France).
 Update time zone (day-light saving table) for 2014c version。
 Fix IE10 and IE11 web user interface.
 Support AXIS ONVIF camera.
 Fix alignment issue for event under IE9.
 Support metadata OSD display for live and display.
 Support metadata keyword search for (POS & ATM).
 Improve black out time in between live and playback at HDMI and VGA local display.
 Support H264 High Profile streaming.
 Add channel information in event log.
 Support download system configuration via web page.
 Add sequence button in live mode of touch monitor.
 Support password display or hidden button to show password in camera setup.
 Support VD022 to have monitor setup page.
 Add Russian and Hungarian languages.
 Support enter password in sequence mode.
 Improve ONVIF WS-Discovery.
 Support Java UniversalApplet to have code sign certification.
 Support MOXA RS-232 to RS-485.
 Support VD022 to have default video for either camera or NVR.
 Support alarm notification for iOS and Android.
 Support RTSP ONVIF metadata option.
 Add S.M.A.R.T. event log.
 Add event log for manual recording.
 Support HD video backup via web page.
 Change the telnet port from 23 to 12323 with different authentication to avoid Internet attack.
 Support Arabic web interface.
 Support “pause” and “snapshot” to store pictures in USB via touch screen.
 Fix crash issue if Alarm Dwell is off with many alarms got triggered.
 Support full HD file backup.

Touch monitor support list:

DELL E2014T NVR version 1.0.48
ViewSonic TD2220 (new chip) NVR version 1.0.48
Hanns HT231HPB NVR version 1.0.48
iiyama ProLite T2452MTS NVR version 1.0.48
Iiyama ProLite T2250MTS NVR version 1.0.42
ViewSonic TD2340 NVR version 1.0.42
DELL S2240T NVR version 1.0.42
Acer T232HL, NVR version 1.0.38
Dell S2340T, NVR version 1.0.38
Planar PXL 2430MW, NVR version 1.0.38
ViewSonic TD2220, NVR version 1.0.38
HP L2206tm, NVR version 1.0.38
Acer T231H
Dell ST2220T
iiyama ProLite T2250MTS22

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