Multi-way or Single camera image when adding device's to the LILIN App

Multi-way Mode (Low Bandwidth)

When you add a NVR/DVR to the LILIN app you may experience all the camera's importing together under one camera window. This is low bandwidth mode (default setting), this allows the NVR/DVR to compile all the camera images in to one window and transmit just that data together therefore working more efficiently with the available bandwidth.

Single channel Mode

Single channel will allow you to add 1 camera per app camera window giving you a much larger clearer image. This mode is known as 'Single Channel Mode'. This is the mode that most people will want. This mode uses more internet bandwidth as each camera will be broadcast independently. The more camera's you have in your app camera division the more bandwidth the system will use.


To change the JPEG mode (Single Channel or Multi-way Mode), follow the guide below:

1) Log in to the NVR/DVR and select 'Configure' from the menu on the left.



2) From the 'Configure' menu, scroll down to the bottom and select 'JPEG Setting'.



3) From the 'JPEG Setting' screen you can select 'Low Bandwidth' or 'Single JPEG'.




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