Configure a free DDNS address from a LILIN camera

Below is a video demonstrating the process of configuring a LILIN DDNS account.

In the video a LILIN L Series HD IP camera is used, however this process is applicable to any LILIN device that supports DDNS. 


For other devices the DDNS screen may differ in appearance but the information you are required to enter is exactly the same as shown in the above video:

Username - Specify any unique username you want to use. Please do not use usernames like admin, administrator, user etc.

- Specify any password you want, this is to keep your DDNS address secure and stop people accidentally hijacking your DDNS Host Name.

Host Name
 - Specify any Host Name you want. The host name needs to be unique and in turn forms the main body of the URL you will use to access your system. We recommend using something like a company name, street name or surname. Do not add the when specifying a host in the input box, that part is automatically added. See example screenshot below.

Examples of good DDNS Host Name entries would be:

bluebottlerecycling which would become
airsoftadventures would become
jones1965 would become

If your LILIN device DDNS configuration screen has any additional box's requesting information except the 3 listed above, simply leave them empty.

The host name you enter is used to generate the URL you will use to connect to your CCTV system. All our DDNS accounts follow this example <Host>

Below is an example of a correctly configured NVR Touch DDNS screen. The ddns address you would type in your web browsers address bar to access your CCTV system in this example would be:


Do not add the when specifying a host in the input box, that part is automatically added.

Once your DDNS account has been 'Updated Successfully' you can now use this address in any web browser, mobile app or other internet connected device to access your CCTV system, from anywhere in the world.

The DDNS address also replaces the IP address you would enter in the IP Address field when adding a device to a mobile app or other such device.

You can also visit and sign up to manage your DDNS accounts and LILIN devices using LILIN's cloud service.

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