LILIN NVR Touch Basic 4 Camera System Setup Video

Below is a great demonstration video walking you through the complete configuration of a LILIN 4 Camera IP CCTV System.

This is a must watch video if your new to the LILIN NVR Touch, it covers everything from wiring configuration to setting IP addresses on camera's and assigning them to specific channels for recording.

Video Kit List

LILIN - NVR Touch 116

LILIN - IPR 434 - 3MP External IR Housing

LILIN - IPR 7424 - 2MP 1080p External IR Housing

LILIN - IPD 2220 - 2MP 1080p Internal Camera with built in Microphone

LILIN - IPR 320 - 2MP 1080p Vandal Proof Camera

LILIN 16 Port PoE Switch

21" Touch Screen Monitor


For help with configuration of remote access via web browsers and mobile app, click here

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