What are the default ports to open when connecting remotely to my NVR / DVR

Before opening any ports to any device, ensure it is no longer using the default password, failure to change the password may result in unauthorised access to this device with potentially unknown consequences.

It is no longer recommended to use the guide below when using port forwarding. For more information please read the updated security guide here

The default ports that are required to be open in the firewall to allow external connections to a LILIN NVR/DVR are:

HTTP: 80
Video: 3100

If you wish to externally connect to more than one NVR/DVR you will need to change the HTTP and Video ports used by each device so each NVR/DVR is using a unique HTTP port and Video port.


NVR 1 - HTTP Port: 80 - Video Port:3100 
NVR 2 - HTTP Port: 81 - Video Port:3101
NVR 3 - HTTP Port: 82 - Video Port:3102

Please note changing the HTTP port from its default port 80 will change the URL you will need to use when connecting to the NVR/DVR. The new URL will need to follow this structure:

http://<IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>  e.g.

Failure to insure you add the http:// at the beginning and the :<port number> at the end of the link will result in you not being able to connect to the NVR/DVR.

If this is the case, we recommend you download and install LILIN's IPScan which is available here and simply double click the device you wish to access. This will open your PC's default browser and insert the correct link including the correct IP address and port number automatically.

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