Legacy Products - No video displayed when using Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other browsers

***Important Note***

Google Chrome no longer supports Java so this guide will only work with Mozilla Firefox

If you connect to a Legacy LILIN IP device using Firefox, Chrome (no longer supported) or another browser that is not Internet Explorer you may experience an issue where a live video feed is never displays and you may just see a QuickTime logo within the video window.

For Legacy Products - It is now recommended to use Mozilla Firefox

To get a live video feed to display correctly, follow the steps below:

Firstly, update the device to the latest firmware (if not already) which is available to download here.

Next, download and install or update to the latest version of QuickTime and the latest version of Java.

Once QuickTime and Java have been sucessfully installed/updated log back in to your device and activate the Java plugin when prompted.


If you are still unsuccessful at receiving a live video feed even with the latest version of QuickTime and Java have been installed:

Open Quicktime --> edit --> preferences --> quicktime preferences.

Select the advanced tab at the top.

Under the advance tab select 'transport setup'. Now select 'http' then select the port ID to 'custom'. In custom enter port 80.



Once the process has been completed successfully you should now see video in Firefox, Chrome and other broswers that use QuickTime instead of the LILIN ActiveX control.

If you still do not receiving video, please rise a technical support ticket here.

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