Since updating Internet Explorer my LILIN devices do not seem to work correctly as they did before the update

If you have recently updated your Internet Explorer to the latest version (IE11), you may experience some initial issues after the update. If this is the case, follow the guide below.

If you are experiencing a Java popup box/message or a Microsoft Media Player plugin being prompted to run, cancel any popped up messages and follow the guide below.

In the top right hand side of Internet Explorer you will see a cog icon, click on this icon.


From the drop down menu, select 'compatibility View settings'.

Once selected, enter the IP or DDNS address of the device you wish to use in compatibility mode. (This will be the IP address or DDNS of the NVR, DVR or Camera to which you are trying to connect) 

Then click Add.


Then click Close.

Now close all open Internet Explorer windows and reconnect to your device. Your device should now work correctly or prompt you to install the correct LILIN ActiveX plugin if this has not already been installed.

This process is also available as a video guide here

Once connected correctly

It is now highly recommend you update your product firmware after completing the above steps and verifying your device is now working correctly.

The latest LILIN device firmware versions can be found here (Please select the firmware tab).

For a guide's to updating your LILIN device firmware click the relevant link below:



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