Perform and emergency factory reset on a LILIN HD camera

To factory reset a LILIN camera back to its default settings, please follow the guide below.

Apply power to the camera and leave it for approximately 2 – 3 minutes to boot.

Locate the factory reset button. Most LILIN devices have a dedicated factory reset button on the camera module.

Before pressing the factory reset button locate the network and power LED’s on the camera.

Press and hold the factory reset button until both the power and network LED’s go out simultaneously (could be up to 20 seconds)

20141028_124739.jpg 20141028_125259.jpg

Now let go of the reset button.

Allow the camera to complete its boot process (approximately 2 -3 minutes).

Your camera has now been factory reset and will return to its default settings:

Default IP address:

Default Username and Password:

UN: admin
PW: pass


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    Melvin Diaz


    can i ask on how to retrieve password or how factory reset NVR..

    needed badly.. 

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