How to enable notifications for LILIN Viewer when connected to an NVR L Series

To enable mobile phone notifications when using LILIN Viewer conencted to an L Series NVR you will need to log in to the NVR or go to the NVR's main menu and enable the notifications on a per channel basis.

Simply log in or go to the NVR and enter the main menu, then select ‘Other’ from the menu bar on the left hand side. Under this menu ensure ‘SmartPhone’ is selected at the top and enable the notifications as required. These settings can be set on a per camera and per time basis.



Also enable the 'Notifications' option under the NVR's 'Alarm' menu then the 'Output' tab on the top menu as shown in the image below.


This will also start to populate the LILIN Viewer 'Alarm' area.


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