Error Message - Application has already started

If you experience the error message 'Application has already started' when launching the ANPR software you will need to make some adjustments to how the software is launched.


The 'Application has already started' error message occurs when the ANPR software has been set to start as a Windows Service and not a Windows Application.

Most people will want the software to start as an Application NOT a Service

To stop the ANPR software starting as a Windows Service, follow the steps below:


1) Enter the Windows operating 'Service Control Manager'. To do this, click on the Start Bar and type 'services.msc' and press enter


2) Locate the service labelled 'License plate recognition service' from within the services list.


3) Double click on the 'License plate recognition service' and a pop-up box will be displayed. Click 'Stop'.


4) Once the service has stopped, select 'Disabled' from the 'Startup' Type' drop-down list then click apply.
(If you do not disable the service, the service will automatically restart on a PC reboot)


5) Run the ANPR software and the application should now start normally.




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