Moving NumberOK ANPR software to a different computer

If you need to transfer NumberOk to a different PC or if you intend to modernise NumberOk's
hosting PC hardware components, it is necessary to deactivate current license before the Software is uninstalled or removed because the NumberOk license key is associated with PC hardware.

To transfer NumberOk to another PC do the following:

● make a backup copy of NumberOk.ini file to easily transfer settings to the new instance.

● deactivate the license key on a previous PC (Settings > General> Deactivate the license).

The PC requires Internet access for correct deactivation process.

● Install and activate NumberOk on a new hardware according to standard procedure.

To transfer the NumberOK settings from the previous PC to a new one, please, do the following:

1. make a copy of lines starting with License.Auth and License.Key from NumberOk.ini file
under new installation.

2. Overwrite NumberOk.ini file with a backed up copy from past installation.

3. Replace lines starting with License.Auth and License.Key with the ones from step 1 above.
The default path to NumberOk.ini - C:\ProgramData\FF\NumberOk3



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