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LILINHome Apps

LILINViewer 2.0 Apps contain two software platforms for remote monitoring, LILINHome and LILINViewer.


LILINHome is a simplified version of mobile App for accessing live video and recording for NVRs.

LILINViewer is able to access LILIN camera, DVR/NVR, and NAV VMS for remote video monitoring on iOS and Android smartphone.

In short, LILINHome: For home automation market, easy access for NVRs. LILINViewer: Security market needs more cameras and groups.


  • Easy access to NVRs
  • No cameras of NVRs configuration needed
  • No window division configuration needed
  • Designed for end users accessing NVR


  • IP camera, NVR, and NAV are supported
  • Camera view page for a group of cameras
  • 1024 cameras supported
  • Designed for installers and end users


Live View

Click on the Menu button and the Live button for accessing live video of cameras. Entering the Live page is going to show the last accessed view page.

2.png Quad button: Click on the Quad button is to show 4 cameras in a sequence of a view page. Swipe the cameras for next quad view. Click on a camera for full screen.

3.png View button: Click on the View button that allows choosing a view page.



Click on the Playback button from the menu. Enter playback page. Playback is able to play SD card on an IP camera, NVR/DVR, and Navigator.

5.png Click on the calendar button. The calendar control shows up. Select the date and time for playback. Click on the date control on the bottom for entering a date. Click on the timebar control for the time of playback.


For controlling the playback video for LILIN products, click fast rewind, pause, fast forward, audio, video download, or quad view.
Video download: Click on the video download button for downloading video from LILIN products. Click on the quad view button for switching 4 camera views.


Add Devices

LILINHome can support NVR/DVR only for remote access. In contrast, LILINViewer can support IP camera, NVR/DVR, and Navigator VMS.


Add Devices for LILINHome App

Click on Scan QR for adding a NVR. Point to the QR code of a NVR for scanning QR code license ID for adding the NVR Once a NVR gets added, the NVR goes to the View automatically. Enter Windows division is set automatically. If you are a home owner, you can just use LILINHome for easy access purpose.


IPScan via Device Table

Use IPScan for all LILIN devices within a network. Enter username and password for the device. Click on Test button for accessing the video. This is to use cameras and NVRs that are in a network. For Internet access, make sure that the IP addresses of cameras and NVRs are Internet IP addresses.


Scan QR for Adding Devices

For LILINViewer, you can use Scan QR code feature for IP camera and NVR. For Internet access, Scan QR code for P2P is a good choice. Use QR code scanner points to the QR code of the web page for accessing the NVR or IP camera by providing username and password.



Manually Add Devices

A user can manually add device via Manually Add feature for entering the global IP address or LILIN DDNS of LILIN IP camera or NVR at the URL field. Enter the Port number for the camera or NVR. Finally, enter username and password to gain Internet access.


View Setup

A camera view is to create a group of cameras for IP cameras or NVRs. This allows choosing cameras from different IP cameras or NVRs to form a view. Once a view is created, choose cameras from Device Table.

14.png Click on New View button to create a new viewing group of cameras.

15.png Delete button: Click on Delete button for deleting a camera view.

16.png Edit button: Click on Edit button for choosing cameras from Device Table after selecting a camera view.


Once the motion detection or digital alarm gets set on the camera or NVR, LILINViewer App can get alarm push notificaiton to a smartphone. Make sure that Alarm Notificaiton gets set on the Setting page. Click on the event for playback of the recording. For more detail, see Playback for detail. Delete button:

17.png Delete the event of the day. View button: Switch to another camera view.


The system settings are described below:


Once login to LILIN Device Cloud, you can manage a site for device status. You can also get alarm push notification if devices experience issues.

  • Backup to the cloud: Backup the cameras configuration to LILINCloud.
  • Restore from the cloud: Restore the camera configuration from LILINCloud.
  • Alarm Notification: Enable alarm notification to LILINViewer Apps.
  • Full HD: Enable full HD video quality if bandwidth is enough.
  • Video Auto Fit: Auto fix to full screen based on the screen size.
  • Digital Output Dwell: The time of the digital output of a camera gets enabled.
  • Language: Select your language as needed.


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