NVR causing LAN and WAN issues

If you experience an issue where an NVR is causing issues with LAN or WAN devices, you will need to take the following steps.

1) Download the latest firmware for your NVR from the link below:


Update the NVR with the downloaded firmware. It is recommended to do this using a local monitor and mouse or with the NVR disconnected from the internet.

NVR USB Firmware Update Guide

3) Once the NVR firmware has been updated, perform a factory reset on the NVR.



4) Reconfigure the NVR as required and ensure a NEW secure password is set for the Admin user account.

DO NOT LEAVE THE NVR PASSWORD AS DEFAULT (1111) - This must be changed!
LILIN recommend using a STRONG password to secure your device.

5) Ensure the HTTP NVR port forwarding rule in the routers firewall is not using port 80 as its external open port. (Do not use the following ports for port forwarding  80 - 90, 8080, 21, 23, 443) 

Ensure no other ports are open to the NVR.

Alternatively use the P2P function of the NVR.
(Not supported by the NVR Touch Series - NVR104, NVR109 & NVR116)

A guide to configuring and using P2P can be found on the link below:

P2P Guide

Connect the NVR back to the internet and check to see if the issue has been resolved.


7) Log back in to the NVR and go to 'System' then 'Users'. At the bottom of the users menu, you will see an option labelled 'Account'. 

Set the 'Account Lock' to 3 and recovery time to '5'. You can also enable complex password to enhance security even further.



8) Enable Digest Authentication under the Network menu.



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