Default Password Change Reminder

LILIN would like to remind you it is essential to ensure ALL default passwords are changed on devices when configuring the system for the first time.

Leaving any device with a default password is a security risk and can allow unauthorised access to a device. Once a device has been accessed by an unauthorised user the system may be compromised with unknown results.

If a system is compromised the only way to ensure the unauthorised access is stopped will be to factory reset the system and reconfigure it again with strong passwords.

Please avoid this by settings the system up securely from the outset.

To improve security even further LILIN recommend enabling the 'Account Lock' feature. For more information on this click here.


***Additional Notes****

LILIN insist that all passwords on their devices are changed regardless of whether remote access to the system is granted or not.

Security risks can also come from internal networks.

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