Emergency factory reset a HD IP PTZ camera

If you need to emergency factory reset a HD IP PTZ camera you will require the alarm cable connected to the dome cameras alarm input cable.



  • First, connect your alarm cable to the PTZ camera.
  • Now apply power to the camera and allow the camera a couple of minutes to boot correctly.
  • Once the camera has booted, short/join the Pink and Black alarm cables together for approximately 30 seconds. - If shorting Black and Pink does not work - Short Black and Red together.

  • During the 30 seconds the camera will initialise its reboot process. This is the start of the factory reset, once the camera starts to reset, release the shorted/joined cables.
  • Allow 2 - 3 minutes for the camera to come back online.

The camera will now be set back to its defaults. The default details for the camera will be:


Username: admin

Password: pass

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