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NVR 7 Series

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NVR 5 Series

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NVR 5 Series PoE NVR

NVR E Series

NVR 3 Series

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NVR L Series

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NVR Touch Series (104, 109, 116, 404C)

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DHD / AHD / DVR Knowledge Base

DHD6104 / DHD6018 / DHD6216 / DHD5104 / DHD5108 / DHD5216 (Hybrid)

DHD504A / DHD508A / DHD516A Series (Hybrid)

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AHD / DHD DVR2A & 3A Series

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LILINPro Mobile App

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Navigator Software

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Navigator Web Viewer

CMX Software

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IPScan (Device Discovery Tool)

CMS Software (AHD / DHD Units ONLY)

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Basic, IVS and Advanced IVS Alarm Features

P2, Z2 & P3 Series H.265 Starvis Cameras

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P5 & Z5 Series (H.265)

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E5 Series

Thermal Measuring IP Solution (P3T6522E2)

M Series IP Camera's (1080P and 4MP)

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Z Series IP Camera's

Ultra Series 4K Ultra HD Camera's (UHD)

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Ultra Series 120fps Camera's

iMEGAPRO 1080p IP Camera's

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L Series 1080p IP Camera's

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Door Station - IPC0522

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Panoramic / 360 Degree Camera's

Covert IP Camera's

HD PTZ IP Camera's

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720p Resolution IP Camera's

D1 Resolution IP Camera's

AHD Camera's

Peripherals Knowledge Base

LILIN Device Hub (DH032)

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PS3108C PS3188C & PS3268C Switches

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PoE Switches, Injectors and Spliters

Power Over Coax ( PoC )

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Keyboard Controllers

BNC to IP Converters

M12 / Mobile complient connectors

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Control4 Technical Documents and Guides

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Control4 FAQ's

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AI Edge Cameras

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LPR Camera Solution

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ANPR Standalone Software Solution

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ANPR Navigator Software Dongle Solution

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3rd Party - Camera & NVR Interoperability Tests

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