What does LPR stand for and what is an LPR camera solution?

LPR stand for licence plate recognition.

LILIN have introduced LPR camera models to their range of ANPR solutions, capable of identifying and recognising license plates on vehicles without need for additional software.

The LPR camera range fully integrates with all current LILIN NVRs, with functions including a text overlay on both live view and recordings, timebar playback of number plate snapshots and event triggering by the camera’s denial, allowed and visitor lists.

Using the LILINViewer app, clients can receive push notifications for allowed, denied and/or visitor lists; alerting them to vehicles entering the property.

The LPR cameras come with built-in allowed, denied and visitor lists which can be configured through the new Smart Alarm menu to perform actions such as opening gates and sending HTTP post signals to Home Automation platforms to create actions and events.


Supported Licence Plate List




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