No Cameras Displayed on LILIN Viewer when using 4G / 3G but works on WiFi when using an Apple device

***Please note this is only applicable to Apple devices running LILIN Viewer, this option is not required on the Android version of LILIN Viewer***

If you experience an issue where you are not receiving live video images or your app is displaying video loss on all channels when connecting to a LILIN device using 3G or 4G from the LILIN Viewer App but you are able to receive live images using Wi-Fi, you must make a small adjustment to your LILIN Viewer app.

  • Firstly ensure you are running the latest version of the LILIN Viewer App. This can be updated using the app store.

  • Next open the LILIN Viewer app and select 'System' from the menu bar along the bottom. Whilst in the 'System' menu change the ‘Bandwidth’ option from 'General' to ‘Low Bandwidth’

  • Now close the LILIN Viewer and re-open, this should now display live video images on 3G & 4G.


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