No audio from LILIN Viewer to Door Station when using 3g/4g

If you experience and issue where you are not able to talk out from a mobile device using LILIN Viewer to the LILIN Door Station but are hearing audio OK from the Door Station to the LILIN Viewer app then it is recommended to change the port being used on the Door Station or in the sites firewall away from port 80 to any other port except 80 or 8080.

We have discovered that in some circumstances when port 80 is used for external connects some issues may be experienced. If this is the case it is recommended to use any port except:

80 & 8080


If the HTTP port used is changed to any other port number except 80 or 8080 all issues will be resolved.


If the Door Station is only being used on Wi-Fi you should not experience any issues using port 80. This is purely for 3g/4g usage.


It is no longer recommended to use the default ports for any remote connection to any LILIN device. LILIN always recommended changing the standard HTTP port 80 to another number. It is recommended to pick a new port number higher than 3000.

To keep your LILIN devices safe online, please read the guide here

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