Control4 / 2N Door Station preview image in LILIN Mobile App

Please note this feature is only supported on the NVR3 and 5 Series using the latest firmware.
To download the latest NVR firmware click here.

If you are using a DS2 or 2N door station and are not getting a preview image in the LILIN Mobile app multi-way display, you will need to enable JPEG encoding with your LILIN NVR.

The reason the JPEG preview image is not available in the LILINViewer app without enabling JPEG transcoding is because the Door Stations do not have all the required streams that the NVR is expecting for populating video previews in apps.

Enabling JPEG transcoding will allow the NVR to create the require JPEG stream and feed this stream to the LILINViewer app.

To enable JPEG transcoding, log in to your NVR and navigate to the following menu:

Network --> Other

Under the drop-down menu labelled 'JPEG Mode' select 'Transcode single JPEG'.



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