NVR / Navigator Remote Client Software

There are various ways of connecting to a LILIN NVR and Navigator software remotely.

It is recommended to use the LILIN Client software when connecting remotely to a LILIN NVR or Navigator software.

This is a small piece of software that can be installed on a PC and run on demand to connect directly in to an NVR or Navigator software.

Live view and playback are supported via the client software and once configured the software is a very easy solution for end users when viewing their NVR.

  • Live view and playback of up to 144 cameras simultaneously
  • Connect to multiple sites simultaneously
  • Easy configuration
  • Password-able to restrict usage
  • Easy backup for longer duration incidents
  • Backup/Combine multiple incidents video backup into one folder


NVR Client Software Download

For information on how to use the Client software, click here


Client Live Screenshot


Client Playback Screenshot


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