Can i connect a PoE+ injector to the PoE ports on the rear of the NVR

If you wish to connect a PoE+(802.3at) camera to a PoE NVR you may be required to use a PoE+ injector to supply enough power to run the PoE+ camera correctly. The ports on the rear of the NVR are standard PoE (802.3af) so are not designed to power a PoE+ camera.

It is possible to connect PoE+ injectors to the ports on the rear of the NVR to provide enough power for your PoE+ devices.

When using a PoE+ injector connected to the rear of the NVR, the NVR will handle the camera exactly the same as if it was being powered by the port on the rear of the NVR directly. The auto IP address, auto connect and data passthrough features work through the PoE+ injector.





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