What is Power over Coax ( PoC )

Power over Coax is designed to work with specific AHD/DHD cameras ONLY.

Power over coax is the process allowing a specific power over coax camera to receive power via a specific PoC injector using RG59 or CT100 cable types. The injector injects power on to the Coax cable, negating the need to fit power local power supplies near the cameras.

LILIN PoC injectors come in 4 or 8 port models. Multiple PoC injectors can be used concurrently if more than 8 cameras require PoC.


  • Supplies power for AHD/DHD PoC compliant cameras
  • Sends video signals to cameras
  • Equipped with an overload protection circuit
  • Long transmission distance of 300m or 500m depending on cable used



PoC can only be used with specific PoC cameras. Always ensure that the camera being used is PoC compliant. Failure to do so will result in damage to both the camera and the PoC device.



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