Adding an Edge AI LPR camera to Navigator

This guide shows how to add an Edge AI LPR camera to Navigator for logging plates within the Navigator software for recording, playback and searching.

This guide assumes that the Edge AI LPR camera is already setup correctly and detecting plates.


Ensure the installed version of the Navigator software version higher than


Add your camera to Navigator as normal.


Once the camera is added, select Alarm Management.



Within the alarm management window, select ANPR Detection from the Alarm Input Management column and also Text Overlay from the Alarm Output column



Next, ensure ANPR Detection is highlighted from the Alarm Input Management column then select Options.



The options' window will now open. Within this window, select Aida Server / IP Camera.


Under the Aida Server / IP Cam window, select Get Detections from Aida server / camera directly and then click Auto Detect Aida IP camera.

This should now populate the Server IP and web Port with the camera details. Ensure you DO NOT change the Linked Channel away from 1, this must be set to 1 at all times.

Now click OK



You will now be taken back to the previous window. Now select Group Settings.


Within the Group Settings window, select Show Guest and click close.

If you do not tick 'Show Guest' you will not get any plate reads, except plates that have already been manually added to the allowed, denied or exclusion list.


Close all open windows, and your Navigator software should now be showing plates read by the Edge AI LPR camera over the top of the video for that camera's channel.


To adjust the font colour and text size of the text shown when a plate is read, open the Alarm Management screen once more, but this time select ePOS/OSD



Once the ePOS/OSD window opens, select Font Settings. This is where font style, size and colour can be amended.




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