5 Series NVR power capabilities explained

PoE (NVR5104E & NVR5208E)

The 4 channel and 8 channel NVR can power most 802.3af cameras. However, for a camera to be considered 802.3af it has to have a current draw of 12.95W or less. A switch to be PoE (802.3af) has to output 15.4W this is to allow for power loss over the cable run. A camera that draws 13W is considered 80.2.3at (PoE+) as its power at device (PD). The 4 and 8 channel NVR can only power cameras with a consumption of up to 11W.

Also consider the maximum total power allowance for the NVR’s these are 57.6W (4 channel) & 72W (8 channel). This also has to power the Hdd installed in the NVR – Allow 6W per Hdd.



  • NVR5104E (57.6W)
  • 1 HDD 6W
  • 4 cameras 11W each (44W total)
  • Hdd + cameras = 50W

The system would work


  • NVR5208E (72W)
  • 2 Hdd 6W each (12W total)
  • 8 cameras at 9W each (72W total)
  • Hdd + cameras = 84W

This would not work


PoE (NVR5416E)

This NVR is PoE 802.3af complaint. It can handle all PoE (standard) cameras. The NVR5416E has a total allowance of 222.6W for hdd (up to 4) and cameras


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