Configure SmartEvent Motion Detection on a P5/Z5 Camera

To configure SmartEvent motion detection on a P5/Z5 camera, log in to the camera and follow the steps below:

1) Click 'Settings' from the top right hand menu bar.

2) Select the 'SmartEvent' tab from the top menu bar.

3) Click 'Add'.


4) Enable the New Event and give the event a name.

5) Ensure the Condition 1 tab is highlighted and enter a condition name

6) Ensure the 'Trigger' tab is highlighted and change the 'Trigger' from the drop-down menu to 'Motion Detection' and tick 'Enable'.

7) Change the Value in the 'Operator' field to 'Status Change'.


8) Now select the 'Action' tab. Here you select the action the camera will perform once it detects a motion event.

Please select from the list as required and then click 'Save the event'.


9) Once the event is saved select 'Motion Detection' from the left hand menu bar.

10) Highlight the required motion area. The red area is the motion detection zone.


11) Click OK and motion detection is now set.

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