LILIN HD IP Camera Streaming Codes for Fibaro

Below is information to assist with connecting a LILIN HD IP camera to Fibaro.


The information has been confirmed as working when using Fibaro with LILIN HD IP camera's.

Merit LILIN HD IP Camera
Firmware: 1.4.36
JPEG URL: snap1vga
MJPEG URL: getimage?camera=1&fmt=vga&delay=200

Merit LILIN IPR6122 (ePTZ)
Firmware: 1.4.36
JPEG URL: snap2vga
MJPEG URL: getimage?camera=2&fmt=vga&delay=200
LEFT: control?rpan=-7&stop=1&camid=2
RIGHT: control?rpan=7&stop=1&camid=2
UP: control?rtilt=7&stop=1&camid=2
DOWN: control?rtilt=-7&stop=1&camid=2
STOP: control?home=1&stop=1&camid=2
ZOOM IN: control?rzoom=-7&stop=1&camid=2
ZOOM OUT: control?rzoom=7&stop=1&camid=2
PRESET 1: ptzpreset?goto_preset=1&camid=2 (not tested with this camera)

Fibaro Home Center HC2 4.032
Firefox 35.0.1
Fibaro Android app for Phones 1.4.1
Samsung Galaxy S4, Android version 4.4.2

Also tested with the setup above:

CP Plus CP-UNC-D1011L2
Software Version: 3.000.AT00.0.T, build : 2014-11-2

JPEG URL: cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi
MJPEG URL (substream): cgi-bin/mjpg/video.cgi&subtype=1



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