Which Control4 Driver should i use for the P5 & Z5 series cameras

The P5 and Z5 series cameras have their own c4z driver so will not work with the standard Control4 LILIN IP camera driver.

The P5 and Z5 cameras use different drivers, both drivers are included in the download, but please refer to the table below for more information.


The Z5 series are auto focus cameras so they require the use of the PTZ series Control4 driver to enable the auto focus feature.
(Please note autofocus cameras do not offer the same functionality as PTZ cameras)

The P5 and Z5 series cameras are not SDDP (Auto Discoverable) so a guide for manually discovering the P5 and Z5 series cameras is included with the Control4 driver download.

The latest LILIN Control4 drivers can be found here.


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