How to change and get the best resolution for the FTP jpeg image output using an iMEGAPRO camera

When using a LILIN iMEGAPRO with its FTP jpeg output feature you can select various jpeg image resolutions to output to your FTP server.
(Only 1 output resolution can be selected at any one time)

To change the jpeg image resolution you may need to change which video profile your camera is using.

To adjust the camera profile, simply log in to the camera's web browser and enter the setup/configuration menu. Once in the menu, select 'Video --> General'. The profiles can be adjusted here.


Setting the camera to the following profiles will give you the following FTP jpeg output:

Profile 1 - 480p or CIF

Profile 2 -  CIF

Profile 3 - 720p

Profile 4 - 1080p or 480p



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