Which cameras support Basic, IVS and Advanced IVS alarm features

Which cameras support which IVS and Advanced IVS features?


IVS = Intelligent Video Solutions

IVS + Basic Alarm Detection

  • Z Series
  • M Series (with a 4 digit part code)  E.G.  MR8442A
  • Ultra Series

For more information regarding IVS alarm features, click here

Advanced IVS + Basic Alarm Detection

  • S Series


Basic Alarm Detection Only - No IVS or Advanced IVS Support

  • L Series
  • PTZ Range of cameras
  • 360/Panoramic cameras
  • 4K
  • M Series (With 3 digit part code) E.G MR832
  • Door Station

For more information regarding Basic alarm features, click here

***Additional Notes***

Please check the specific data sheet for each specific camera model number for a list of supported basic alarm features.

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