Maximum Supported HDD Sizes for LILIN NVR's and DVR's

Below is a table showing the maximum size hard disk drive that can be fitted in to a specific DVR/NVR.

NVR/DVR Model Number Maximum HDD Size
(Per Single Drive)
PDR-3160 1TB
PDR-2160 1TB
DVR-6040,6080,6160 2TB
DVR-304, 308, 316 2TB
DVR-508, 516 2TB
DVR-708, 716 4TB
DVR-816 4TB
DHD 2A Series 6TB
DHD 3A Series 8TB
DHD 5A Series 8TB
NVR Touch Series 4TB
NVR L Series 8TB
NVR 3 Series 8TB
NVR 5 Series 12TB
DHD 5 Series (not A) 12TB
DHD 6 Series 12TB
EVR Series 10TB

***Please note***

It may be possible to install multiple HDD's in to a DVR/NVR, but please ensure each individual HDD does not exceed the value in the table above.



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