P2, Z2 & P3 Series camera not switch to monochrome when it gets dark

If you experience an issue where a P2, Z2 & P3 series camera is not switch to monochrome as the light levels drop and it gets dark, please follow the steps below:

1) Log in to the camera and navigate through the following menus.

Setup --> Advance Mode --> Video/Audio --> Day Night Mode Switch


2) Check the values in the Day to Night and Night to Day threshold.

The recommended values for these are:

Day to Night: Set value between 30 - 39

Night to Day: Set value between 60 - 69

The 'Light Sensor Current' value is a value assigned to the current amount of light the camera is able to sense. As the light level drops this value will decrease. Once the level decreases past the value set for 'Day to Night Threshold' the camera will switch to monochrome. As the light level increase he light sensor value will rise and once it hits the 'Night to Day Threshold' value the camera will switch back to colour.

The values listed above should be suitable for most people, however they may need adjusting further depending on the environment the camera is installed in.



Lux to Light Sensor Value Table



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