Playback and Backup using LILINPro

Below is a short guide showing how to play back and review recorded video from a device added to the LILINPro mobile app.

This guide assumes the device has already been added to the LILINPro and and confirmed as working correctly.

The device used in this guide is an NVR3816.



1) Open LILINPro and select 'Playback'


2) A quad display will load and display the first 4 cameras on the device. To change the cameras displayed in the quad view swipe right or left.

Swipe left or right until the required cameras are displayed on screen.


3) To find a specific time for video playback you now have 2 options


Option 1

The first option is to use the time search feature, to use the time search feature use the icon shown below.


Once the above icon has been clicked, a new screen will appear allowing you to select the date that you wish to play back.


Once the date has been selected, press 'OK' and the screen will switch to a time selector. Select the required time and press 'OK'.


The video should start playing from the selected time. Once the video starts to play it is possible to swipe right or left to change the cameras being displayed.



Option 2

The section option for playback will be select playback from the LILINPro menu.


A quad camera view will load showing the first 4 cameras connect to the system. Swipe left or right until the required camera is on screen.

Press on this camera and it will now go full screen.

You will see a timeline display under the camera image. Use your finger to press and drag the bar to the desired time. Once you let go the app will start to display recorded video from the selected time.





Backup Video or take a Snapshot


video-backup-icon.jpg Record / Backup video icon
Still-image-icon.jpg Snapshot / Still Image Grab

Where ever you see these icons in either Live view or Playback, means the video being displayed can be capture.

Find the incident using the steps above.

Once the incident has been found and start and end time have been noted, using the playback guide above, starting playing the incident back from approximately 10 - 30 seconds before the incident occurs and press the video-backup-icon.jpg  icon.

Watch the incident in its entirety and allow 10 - 30 seconds after the incident has finished. Now press the video-backup-icon.jpg again. This should now stop the video recording to your device.

A message should appear on the screen showing the location the recorded file has been saved to.

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