If you require the RSTP URL's for your LILIN camera they are available from within the camera GUI.

Each stream has its own RTSP URL and can be used concurrently to stream to different locations as required.

To find your IP cameras RTSP streams follow the simple steps below:

1) Log in to your camera and select 'Setup' from the top right menu bar.

2) Select the 'Video/Audio' tab

3) You will see the RTSP URL's for each stream (encoder) listed under the relevant section. Just copy and paste these URL's in to your RSTP client.


***Additional Note***

It is possible to add a username and password to an RTSP URL for your RSTP client to authenticate with the device it is trying to connect to an example of an RTSP URL containing login details looks like the example below:


As default RTSP is going to connect using port 554, if your device is not using port 554 for RTSP or you want to use RTSP over HTTP then it is necessary to specify this port in the RTSP URL, an example of this can be seen in URL below:


If required it is possible to disable the need for password authentication when connecting to an RTSP stream, this is NOT recommended but if it is 100% necessary and you understand the risks of this 100% then it is possible in the following menu within the camera.


If you require custom RSTP URL's it is also possible to specify those as shown in the image above under each Encoder Type.


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