What is the LILIN Device Hub (DH032)

The LILIN Device Hub has been designed to manage IP cameras and NVRs via the LILINHub App. 

The LILINHub App connects to the LILIN Device Cloud and stores recording status, on-line status and operational status of devices sent by the LILIN DeviceHub. 

If there is an issue with an IP device, installers are able to perform remote reboot for that IP device via a LILIN Web Smart PoE switch.

Alexa Integration - Find out more



• Use your mobile phone to monitor device status for client sites
• Remote reboot a device
• No more rush to a client site for maintenance
• Centralized client sites management with AWS redundancy
• iOS and Android for device maintenance push notification
• HTTPs communication and encrypted database cloud computing
• Customize your company logo for end user Apps
• Dashboard for quick management of devices at client sites
• Auto scan your network for IP cameras and NVRs
• Plug-n-play - No P2P, no port forwarding Forwarding
• LILIN WebSmart PoE switches supported for power reboot
• Support HDMI and mouse for local management




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