LILIN 720p camera's 'Video Loss' on NVR multi-screen display but shows on full screen

Please download and upgrade the camera's firmware to the latest version. This can be downloaded here.

Once the firmware has been updated, log in to the web browser and perform a factory reset on the camera. (The factory reset will not effect any network settings on the camera such as IP address, Gateway and DNS, but will delete things such as alarm/motion detection settings).

Once the camera has been factory reset, log back in to the camera and go to the video profiles menu page. Please confirm that both profile 1 and 2 are enabled.


***Please note***

If one of the video profiles is 'Disabled' this will stop video showing on an NVR Touch because the NVR connects to multiple profiles simultaneously. If profile 1 is disabled you will not get a full screen 'HD' stream displayed on the NVR. If profile 2 is disabled you will not get an 'SD' multi-screen image displayed.

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