Older LILIN Cameras not working on Navigator 2.x.x.x

If you are having issues with any older model of LILIN IP camera not working correctly in the newer versions of the LILIN Navigator software, you may need to adjust the device type under the relevant camera settings screen.

This issue may be present when using the following:

D1 IP Cameras

720P IP Cameras

1.3MP IP Cameras

By default the Navigator software will try to connect to a camera using the device type of 'RTSP'. You may find that the Navigator software connects to the camera but never shows video.

If this is the case select the device type as:

IP Fast Dome


***Additional Note***

Changing any settings on this page or clicking detect or Video could cause the device type to be switched back to 'RTSP' if this is the case, manually adjust it back to 'IP Fast Dome' and select OK at the bottom of the screen, this will then save the selection.

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