Broken or distorted playback when using LILINViewer over 3g/4g

An issue has been discovered in certain scenario’s where playback from a LILIN NVR using LILIN Viewer on 3g/4g causes playback to be very slow or pixelated as shown in the image below.


If you are experiencing broken or distorted playback when connecting to an NVR using the LILINViewer app using 3g/4g you will need to make some adjustments to the configuration used on the NVR or the router local to the NVR.

LILIN have discovered that in certain circumstances, using port 80 or 8080 for port forwarding can cause issues with 3g/4g connections to the NVR. If you change the HTTP port used then this will overcome the issue.

There is no specific port recommended as long as it is neither 80 or 8080.

There are 2 ways to overcome this issue.

1) Change the HTTP port used on the NVR from within the NVR ‘Network’ menu to something different than port 80 or 8080. Once this has been changed on the NVR, log in to the router and adjust the port forwarding in the router to reflect the changes made to the NVR.

2) If your router supports the ability to specify a different external port to a different internal port, use this feature of the router to specify a different external HTTP port than port 80 but leave the internal port set to 80. Using this feature you will need to select a different external port number in the firewall rule other than 80 or 8080 as shown in the example below.


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