Adjusting the M Series bullet camera bracket correctly

To adjust the M Series bullet style camera bracket you will need to loosen the 4 screws on the left side of the camera bracket. Loosen these screws will allow you to rotate different parts of the brackets to the required angle.



Screw 1
Loosening screw '1' will allow you to rotate the camera on the mounting base. This will allow you to get the ball joint of the camera bracket to the position.

Screw 2 & 3

You will need to loosen screw '2 & 3' together. This will loosen the collar on the bracket allowing you to adjust the angle of the camera up and down. Failure to loosen these screws prior to adjusting the up and down angle of the camera may result in damage to the camera. Once the correct angle is achieve, it is recommended to tighten these screws as much as possible to ensure the camera stays at the set angle.

Screw 4

Loosening screw '4' will allow you to rotate the camera module. Rotating the camera module will allow you to straighten the camera to get a level image regardless of what angle you have set the bracket.



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