How to access AI module remotely

To access an AI cameras AI module remotely, you will need to do 2 port fowarding rules.

You will need a normal port forwarding rule for HTTP access to the cameras web GUI and then a further port to allow access to the AI module.


To enable access to the AI Module, go to the camera's LPKG page and enable WAN Port. In WAN port, enter the port number you would like to use externally to access the AI module. In this example, I will use port 3002.


Once enabled, you will see another URL appear showing under WAN. This is the link to access the AI module remotely.

Now this is enabled, you will need an additional port forwarding rule to allow traffic through the firewall for the new port you have just created.


The firewall rule will need to have the external port number as the number specified above, in this case it is port 3002, the internal port will need to be 8592 and the protocol TCP.

Below is a screenshot from a BT Business Hub showing a correct port forwarding rule.




To access the camera's AI module, you will need to access the camera normal web GUI and select
Setup --> LPKG and then click the WAN link shown on this page.



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